15.6" Laptop Tech Backpack
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There are many perks of working as a sleuth in intelligence agencies. This is something you have learnt from your career. You have evolved on a professional level in this sector and your experiences have helped you sharpen your skills in life too.

After a tiring week and no thrilling assignments, you are thinking of watching movies on Saturday and dining out in a lavish restaurant is also on your mind. Suddenly, your phone rings, bringing you back to reality in a flash (and this no reference to the goofy TV show! whose only positive attribute is Danielle Panabaker but this is another topic!).

It is your boss at the agency and he wants you to cover a secret mission, all on your own. He also whispers over the phone how your prospect of a pay hike will get a boost if you accomplish this mission. Now, you really do not have time to go to the agency to take your revolver with silencer.

Time is running out and you have to nab a gang of miscreants who are about to meet a big racket of smugglers at the outskirts of the town. You got assurance from the boss that a backup team will be sent once you track the gang when the meeting is on and intercept them.

A quick look at your room and you find the Ghostek NRGBAG 2 series laptop backpack with your rugged laptop in it, Glock service pistol, and your cell phone. These will be your weapons for this secret mission. You dress up fast and take the backpack strapped on your back. Following the clues given by your boss, you reach the part where the city limit signboard is visible.

A forest is nearby and from a distance you can see faint lights. The gangs are sure to be there. Taking advantage of the darkness and cloudy sky, you stealthily proceed to the place where lights are seen. It has started raining, but your backpack is water resistant and so you have no worry!

The backpack also has a 16,000mAh Battery inbuilt and so you have no problem in running the laptop. After connecting to the web, you alert your agency. That is when the unrighteous criminals spot you. After packing your laptop in the bag, you start running, evading their chase. You do not want to get into a shootout with them; you want to lead them into the trap and take them down without gunfire.

The backpack gets struck by some trees and you fall once, but you are not bothered since it is rugged. The siren and lights come nearer and you realize the backup team has arrived. Very soon, the team overpowers the culprits much to their dismay. Your Ghostek NRGBAG 2 series laptop backpack helped you save the mission. It fits snugly too!

Designed by Ghostek in New York

Forget the burden of lugging around a 21st century device in a 20th century backpack. We believe your bag should be just as high-tech as the gear you carry. That’s why we designed the NRGbag Laptop Tech Backpack. With its spacious and secure compartments, built-in battery, and external USB ports, the Laptop Tech Bag has you covered whenever you’re on the go. The water resistant polyester protects your gear from the elements, and the intelligent power LED indicator ensures you always know when to charge up. Welcome to the future of portable technology.
  • Spacious 40L Capacity
  • Premium Durable Water Resistant Polyester
  • Built-In 16,000mAh Battery
  • Dedicated 15.6-Inch Laptop Compartment
  • Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Multi-Compartment Pockets for Storage & Organization
  • Intelligent Power LED Indicator
  • 3-USB Ports (2-Ports Inside Backpack, 1-Port External)
  • Ghostek Provides a 1-Year Warranty Exchange On This Product
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NRGbag 2 Series
Pleasantly Surprised

I've never owned a backpack that contained a battery bank before and my biggest concern was the added weight of bank. However, the pack is surprisingly light! I take my computer everywhere with me for my job and it is great to have the battery pack there to keep my computer going when I'm traveling. I normally carry a briefcase type bag for my computer and I'm loving the ease and convenience of a backpack as it takes the strain off my shoulder and it is easier to maneuver through an airport or parking lot, etc. The material seems sturdy and I like the added bonus of the material being waterproof in case I spill something. All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase!

NRGbag 2 Series
Never going back to my old laptop backpacks!

Never going back to my old laptop backpacks!
This is the perfect bag for me!
First of all it looks great and it is super light, it has a net in the back to ease on carrying and to prevent sweating like a good hiking backpack.
It provides the perfect solution for traveling and being away from home for hours, I always find myself needed to charge my iPhone and Macbook.
The internal ports makes it possible to charge my stuff while they are inside the backpack - no more worrying about forgetting your devices or chargers or of others taking them while you are distracted.
I enjoy the smart design, including the press on/off and power indicator on the strap

NRGbag 2 Series
Great multipurpose backpack with battery charger

My husband didn't want a typical briefcase for work so as we were searching, we stumbled across this bag. It is very comfortable because of the padded straps and back. It has a lot of different pockets so there is a spot to put everything which helps to keep organized.
The battery pack makes the backpack a little heavy but it comes in handy when you are out all day and you need to charge your phone or laptop. We purchased the black color and the interior color is red which is a great contrast. Would definitely recommend this backpack for when you spend a lot of time away and you know you're going to need to recharge your devices.
The backpack does not come with a physical manual, there is a code you can scan on your phone for directions on how to charge the battery.

NRGbag 2 Series
Great bag!

Even without the 16,000 mAh battery pack this backpack would still be worth the money! Your first hint that this is a quality product is the superb stitching and anti theft zippers. If you're a pocket guy like I am this is the bag for you. 12 pockets of varying size. Update: Just had to walk home in freezing rain. This bag handled it like a champ! Bone dry inside. Even the front pocket is dry. Battery pack is doing fine too. I love this bag!

NRGbag 2 Series
Awesome Backpack!

I absolutely love this backpack.. The backpack is well padded and my laptop and ipad fit perfectly in this bag. what i liked alot about it is that it has built in chargers and you can charge any phone, ipad or small electronic device. It seems to charge items nicely and recharges fairly fast. I was very impressed on how light this backpack is. It is also very stylish and made out of high quality material . This is a must have for people that love to travel. With this backpack I never have to worry about finding a charging port on an outlet in a public space again. I highly recommend this backpack.

NRGbag 2 Series
Built like a tank!

This thing is built like a tank! Very HEAVY duty fabric that I don't think could possibly get ripped without being put into a battlezone. Stitching is done very well, too. There is plenty of storage inside, and the padded laptop part offers plenty of protection; I like how it is towards the rear of the pack so it has added protection from any inadvertent mishaps. The micro-USB and regular USB ports on the sides are shielded well from the elements, which I really like. Even in the rain, you don't have to worry about shorting out your backpack (LOL -- who would have ever thought we'd be saying that?). The battery pack is strong and will run my laptop for a very long time. It also fast charges my phone. Overall -- I'm EXTREMELY impressed with this laptop bag. I'm sure I'll have plenty of folks jealous on my commuter bus when they see me charging my devices with my pack.

NRGbag 2 Series
Great for travelling!

This is very comfortable to wear and with ample room inside. I put my laptop, tablet and phone inside and still have room for other stuff! The quality is excellent, very well constructed and feels strong and durable. It has plenty of pockets inside to keep stuff organized. The wide padded shoulder strap and back cushion feel great on my back.

I charged my phone on the external USB port using the USB cable that came with it and did not encounter any issue. Really great for travelling! Having all my electronic devices in one compartment, make it easier and quicker to get through the airport security check. This is my second laptop bag already, I needed to upgrade to this as I travel a lot and I need more space and higher capacity power bank. I want to be able to sit anywhere inside the airport without worrying about charging. I love this bag and I highly recommend it!

NRGbag 2 Series
Perfect backpack for a college student!

I bought this backpack for my son. He is a freshman in college, so I wanted to make sure that he got a reliable backpack and he is loving it. The backpack has many pockets so it has enough space for the many things that he usually use, like calculators, tablet, notebooks, laptop, books and all kind of other things. Since he needs to walk to different building it was important that it was water proof and also that the adjustable straps were padded and this backpack comply with it. Lets talk about the battery which is kept in an small pocket. His electronics are easy to charge. The backpack has 2 inside and 1 external ports which are very easy to used too. What my son's loves about it is that he can always charge is cellphone while he is in class. I do have noticed that he is using the backpack when he goes hiking with his friends too. I would recommend this backpack to all my friends and family.

NRGbag 2 Series
Very comfortable backpack!

Such a great backpack for my laptop! I just got it and already love it. The shoulder straps are adjustable so you can adjust them to fit your body. The straps are also wide and that really helps to keep the straps from digging in to your shoulders especially when you have the laptop loaded up. My laptop easily slips inside and there is plenty of room for all my gear. I love that it has a built in battery so I never have to worry about my battery dying on my laptop or phone at the most inconvenient times. I'll always have my backpack battery to charge whatever needs charging. I also love that it has internal and external USB ports that are so easy to use. It has big compartments that make slipping bigger items in without struggling to wedge them in like I have had to do with other bags. But it also has little compartments, some even with zippers that are great for smaller items. The backpack is also made with a water resistant material that will be great for protecting electronics while they are in the bag. It also has an indicator that lets me know when I need to charge the built in battery. I highly recommend this backpack!

NRGbag 2 Series
Great improvements!

This is version 2 of this backpack. I have the version one as well and i am happy with the changes that were made. The main changes are the battery pack, the charging connector, and the LED indicator. The one thing i hated the most about the old version's battery pack is that it was big, obtrusive and took up almost all of the front pocket space. And it was permanently attached to the bag itself. The new version has a smaller more powerful pack, and its detachable! You can charge it on its own if you like. The old charger was a dedicated plug with a post type plug on it. The included plug was a big block with prongs that did not fold down. Talk about inconvenient. The new version uses a Micro USB (which pretty everyone has hundreds of those). Way easier. The moved the huge LED display from the front of the backpack to a tiny indicator on the strap. That i like a lot. I didnt like people behind me know i had some kind of electronic backpack. It was bright and demanded attention. The new one is small and simple and you can take a quick glance to see charging status without taking off your pack. Other than that, the backpack is pretty much the same as the old. same look. Same feel (sturdy and well made might i add). Plenty of room. The bast are the concealed laptop pouch and lower pocket. They are hidden on the back of the backpack and well padded.
Overall I am still very happy, but more so with the improvements of V2.

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