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After a relaxing five-hour flight and a scrumptious breakfast of coffee and croissants, my plane landed right on time. After disembarking the plane, I made my way through the terminal and headed straight towards baggage claim. A crowd of travelers from my flight had already started to gather around the carousel. I snagged a good position close to the carousel entrance and took out my phone to pass the time. <br /> <br />

I spent a few minutes scrolling through my phone, reading through restaurant reviews in hopes of finding a good place for a quick meal. I guess I was hungry, because somehow I got so distracted by the enticing food descriptions that I completely overlooked the fact that the carousel had started moving. Within moments, the crowd around me surged, and mayhem erupted. <br /> <br />

Dozens of restless travelers, all vying for the same standard black suitcases, pushed and shoved their way to the front of the line. I was able to hold my ground until I felt a shove so vicious that it seemed intentional. I tumbled backwards, nearly falling to the ground, and my phone toppled out of my hand. <br /> <br />

Once I had regained my balance, I turned around, searching the crowd for a sign of whatever lunatic had just pushed me. Lo and behold, this joker was the very same guy who’d cut me off in the security line earlier that day. What a jerk. I was going to have to say something to him. <br /> <br />

I bent down to pick up my phone, which was mixed up in a precarious jumble of feet and luggage. As I expected, the phone was completely unharmed. In fact, the device didn’t even suffer so much as a scratch, all thanks to the Exec 2 (specifically, its polycarbonate frame shock barrier and full-body thermoplastic skin). <br /> <br />

In the seconds it took for me to scoop up the phone, the guy who pushed me disappeared. But as my suitcase appeared on the carousel and I strode away with my sleek luggage and Exec 2 case in tow, I knew that I was the real winner.<br /> <br />

<b>Designed by Ghostek in New York</b><br /> <br />

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