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Like many other gadget lovers I had the dream of owning an Apple device for many years despite their political password controversy and strange political beliefs. It came true a few months back when I placed the order for a spanking new iPhone 8. I joined the posh ad agency a few months back and the salary was good. However, as a member of the core design team I have to travel to various places and cover important events.

Last month I had an assignment to cover a product launch event of a prestigious herbal FMCG giant. My editor told me to cover the function and gather some ad development ideas. I had to be there the whole day and so decided to get a protective case for my iPhone 8. Thankfully, I chose the Ghostek iPhone 8 Protective Wallet Case (Exec 2 Series). This hybrid like grip with military type armor that looks spectacular is certainly worth the price!

I reached the event venue in time. The traffic was a tad slow and it was raining. But my Ghostek iPhone 8 case is waterproof and so I did not bother about that. I was taking snaps of the event and also jotting down whatever I found worth noting in my notepad in between. It was going well and I was about to wrap up for the day. This hard but comfortable case makes it so easy for me to use my smartphone as a resourceful tool as well.

Suddenly a loud thud was heard, followed by agitated voices. Before I could figure out what was happening, I was pushed by a rushing and frenetic crowd. Apparently, it was an electric wire malfunction that led to some sparks and smoke below the main stage – which led to this mayhem.

It was a near stampede situation and my phone was knocked out of my hands despite the amazing grip, I was knocked to the ground as my phone was kicked a few times. I wish my body had a premium protective cover like my phone did! I managed to grab it and reach the exit gate somehow. But for some time I simply did not look at the phone for the fear the screen might have been broken despite the case being able to handle a large amount of absorption and pressure.

I was beside myself with amazement when I looked at it. Forget about broken screen, the device did not even have a single dent or scratch on it's body! It was saved by the durable and rugged cover whose that was able to resist that type of conflict. I was enticed by the stylish design when buying it, but the protection level is phenomenal. I was also able to send images and other details to my agency chief from the spot soon after. The iPhone 8 cover saved my day.

It has set smart phone cover standards very high!

Designed by Ghostek in New York

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