Ghostek Pre-ops Program

Volunteer for pre-ops!
We want expert opinions from our best — you.

Welcome agent to the Ghostek Pre-Ops Program registration page. Please take a moment to review the mission briefing below.

The Ghostek Pre-Ops Program is a valuable and necessary asset to our daily operations. Participating agents receive Ghostek gear without charge and in return, report all relevant insights and feedback to Ghostek HQ, helping us to improve our products and remain on the cutting edge of wireless technologies.

To be considered for the Pre-Ops Program, you only need an active accounts on eBay, Amazon, and other marketplaces.

As a registered Pre-Ops Volunteer, you will be eligible to receive free samples and exclusive tech—some of which may not be available to other agents—for the small price of your honest opinions, recommendations and rankings. Some general responsibilities of a volunteer include: field testing products, returning your insights on products and their features within ten days of receiving them, and posting helpful product reviews to inform other agents and potential customers.

If you feel like this mission is right for you, then you can register by filling out the form to the left. Good luck, agent. We are counting on you.

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