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GALAXY S24 Cases

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Case Carbon Fiber
Atomic Slim

The Atomic Slim line of cases is known for making statements. Its robust protection and sleek design, blends durability with style. For those who want something more select, our limited edition models are made with exclusive colors and premium materials.


Our Covert clear case is renowned for its sleek and minimalist design. It features the R2X Leaf Spring drop technology making it one of the toughest slim cases around. The case offers a balance between aesthetics and protection. The thin profile is a great choice for those who prefer not to add bulk to their phones.


The Nautical is the best smartphone case for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. It provides reliable protection for their devices in the most extreme environments. The durable construction and watertight seal design gives it an IP68 waterproof rating. It ensures your phone stays safe from the most difficult conditions, drops, and impacts. Thrill seekers love it.

GALAXY S24 Cases

designed for
Samsung Galaxy S24 / Plus / Ultra

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Cases

Understanding that keeping your new Samsung Galaxy S24 safe from surprise accidents is important. You'll have your personal stuff like secrets, photos, and needed files on your new phone. So, it's a smart idea to pick a lit Galaxy S24 case that will help your phone stay looking new and shiny for a long time. Ghostek has the perfect case for you! Any Ghostek Samsung Galaxy S24 case you pick will keep it safe from all kinds of accidents and damage.

 5 Types of Cases for Galaxy S24

  • ATOMIC Slim Series: Built as a protective aluminum case, its crafted to help you get the most out of your Galaxy S24. The Atomic Slim is shockproof with a sleek design. It's built with aesthetics and protection. Check out the Limited Edition designs for exclusive features. The Limited Edition models come in only quantities of 100 and offer a range of materials. We use Aramid fibers, leather, and iridescent tones to build some of the limited options.
  • COVERT Series: The Covert cases are clear, shockproof, and ultra-thin. Intended to show off your Galaxy S24 while providing significant protection. The Covert is a minimalist case that is also tough. 
  • Nautical Series: The Nautical and Nautical Slim are waterproof cases designed to protect against what your lifestyle can dish out. The cases are rated IP68 and come with a built-in screen protector. Made for extreme conditions, they protect from dust, snow, water, whatever else you want your s24 to get into. If you’re of the adventurous type, the Nautical and Nautical Slim case is right for you.

 These Are Some of the Things to Look for to Choose the Right Galaxy S24 Case for Your Needs

1) Protection Level: 

  • Does the case have enough shock absorption, screen and camera edge protection? Will it protect against the drops, scratches, and wear to match your lifestyle?
  • Some prefer minimal protection to ease weight and thickness. Others like the added protection of a rugged case.

2) Design and Aesthetics:

  • Most customers choose a case that adheres to their personal style. Do you want a case that is rugged or minimalistic, clear or colorful, popular or limited?
  • Consider the case thickness and grippiness for your preferred slim or bulkier handling.

3) Functionality:

  • Think about extra features like kickstands, wallets, or support for magnetic car mounts.
  • Is the case compatible with wireless charging or does it have a grippy texture along the frame?

4) Material Quality:

  • Choose a case made of tried and tested materials such as leather, silicone, TPU, TPE, and PolyCarbonate.

5) Brand Warranty, Reputation and Reviews: 

  • Check the brand’s reputation for quality and positive customer feedback.
  • Make sure the brand backs it’s warranty policy like our Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Check the brand's social media pages to see what real-world customers are saying.

 Maintenance Tips for Galaxy S24 Cases

1) Regular Cleaning:

  • Clean the case often to prevent dirt and grime buildup. Use a soft, lint-free cloth, and if necessary, mild soap and water for thorough cleaning. Ensure the case is completely dry before reattaching it to the phone. This will prolong the life of the case as well as the phone.

2) Inspect for Damage:

  • Inspect the case for signs of wear or damage such as cracks, loose parts, or discoloration. Early detection of damage is key to prevent potential harm to the phone if the protection of the case is compromised.

3) Proper Installation:

  • Install the case well on the Galaxy S24 especially for the Nautical cases. Each product page has an instructional video that will help with installation. Use our instructions to avoid any gaps that can lower the performance of your case.

 FAQs on Galaxy S24 Cases

What is the best material for a Galaxy S24 case? Hybrid cases that use many materials are best to use. For example, our Covert case uses TPU material for the frame, our exclusive R2x Leaf Spring Corner bumpers on the edges and PolyCarbonate for the back. Each type of material is best used in specific areas of the case to maximize function and protection. 

Can I wireless charge my Galaxy S24 with any case on? All Ghostek cases for the Galaxy S24 are compatible with wireless charging.


Fundas para Samsung Galaxy S24

Entender que mantener tu nuevo Samsung Galaxy S24 protegido de accidentes inesperados es importante. Tendrás cosas personales como secretos, fotos y archivos necesarios en tu nuevo teléfono. Por eso, es una idea inteligente elegir una funda impresionante para Galaxy S24 que ayude a que tu teléfono se mantenga como nuevo y brillante durante mucho tiempo. ¡Ghostek tiene la funda perfecta para ti! Cualquier funda de Ghostek para Samsung Galaxy S24 que elijas lo mantendrá a salvo de todo tipo de accidentes y daños.

Preguntas Frecuentes sobre las Fundas para Galaxy S24

Cuál es el mejor material para una funda de Galaxy S24? Las fundas híbridas que utilizan varios materiales son las mejores. Por ejemplo, nuestra funda Covert utiliza material TPU para el marco, nuestros exclusivos parachoques de esquina R2x Leaf Spring en los bordes y Policarbonato para la parte trasera. Cada tipo de material se utiliza mejor en áreas específicas de la funda para maximizar la función y la protección.

Puedo cargar inalámbricamente mi Galaxy S24 con alguna funda puesta? Todas las fundas de Ghostek para el Galaxy S24 son compatibles con la carga inalámbrica.