Effective time management is a challenge to many people. Whether you are a manager, employee, freelancer, student, or on holiday, time never seems to be enough. This is particularly an issue when you are trying to accomplish several tasks in a limited timeframe and are required to meet deadlines.

There are several apps that help users to manage their time in various ways. Some are effective as stand-alone apps while others will need to be used in conjunction with other software or hardware to achieve desired results.

A simple strategy is to create a To-Do list, but this has limitations. Time management apps help one to be more organized, productive and to make better use of the day.

There are a variety of time management tools with varying capabilities. They could be online, offline, stand-alone, mobile, network-based, freeware or paid software. Each of these has their strong points that make them suitable for certain applications. To give you insight on the features available, we have compiled a list of the top 22 time management apps of 2016.

1. Focus booster

The focus booster is based on the Pomodoro technique and empowers one to maintain focus and handle distractions effectively. It allows one to stay fresh, focused and get more done. The app will help you to easily track your time, it records all sessions on a timesheet, giving you a breakdown of where you spent your time.

It helps one to develop better working habits. The timesheets are recorded automatically. The user may download a desktop timer on the computer. The app lets you analyze how you spend your time, thereby giving you a guide on how to make the necessary adjustments.

Pricing starts at free. Check it out here.

2. Toggl

Toggl enables you to track time in real-time. It has an option of adding time manually especially if you forget to switch it on. It also allows you to organize time by tags, or projects and has an option of billable time. This is easy to use, ideal for teams, and does not require any training. It has options for setting user rights and projects and can greatly boost productivity.

The app gives an instant view of team progress and billable time. The timesheets in the form of professional reports can be printed, exported, or emailed to the boss or customer.

The Toggl time management app synchronizes the time entries in real-time. However, the offline support for the app will help you to keep track of the time even when offline, without internet, Wi-Fi or mobile network coverage.

The app is available for Android but also works for almost all operating systems. In addition, time tracked offline is usually synced with the users account once back online.

Pricing starts at free. Official website.

3. Rescue Time

Rescue time is a premium app for PC, Mac, Linux and Android. The app will automatically track the time spent on websites and applications and then present you with a picture of how you have spent your time throughout the day.

The app sends you weekly reports indicating how you have spent most of your time. It shows you the real timewasters, such as websites where you spend most of your time.

The time management app sends you detailed reports based on time spent doing these activities and even shows you how you could have been more productive.

Pricing starts at $9 with 14 days free trial. Official website

4. Remember The Milk

The app helps you organize your time, manage what you do, and while working across several devices. Remember The Milk is compatible with computers and mobile devices. Its available for Android, IOS, Twitter, Gmail and Google calendar.

The free version of the tool helps you manage all your tasks easily and sends you reminders all the time. There is also a paid Pro version with more capabilities.

Remember The Milk is ideal for adult students who have to balance, work, school and family. It helps one organize and prioritize assignments. In addition, it works between multiple devices and allows push notifications and customized task lists for home, work or school.

Pricing starts at free. Official website

5. Time Doctor

The Time Doctor app is an accurate time management and time-tracking app that helps users get more done every day. The web-based app has time-tracking, reminders, reporting tools, integration, and computer work session monitoring that includes screenshots.

The app helps individuals and teams to increase their productivity and, regardless of whether they are working remotely, from home, or from the office, the team members can have their times tracked by the app.

This user-friendly app is easy to use, has great reporting features, and monthly reports that show how one worked on a project. It also tracks time spent on specific tasks and analyzes the reports to show a users working pattern and computer usage habits.

Pricing starts at $9.99 with free 30-day trial (no credit card required). Official website

6. Buffer

Buffer is a user friendly app that automates social media activities. It connects to several social media accounts, often configured to send updates at set times. It has both a free and paid version that work with Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. The app has a built-in social media image creation tool called Pablo which allows you to easily and quickly create an image.

Pricing starts at FREE. Official website

7. Any.Do

Any.Do is a free, elegant, and simple time management app that captures everyday tasks and helps one to organize big projects as a well as share the list with people working on the same project.

The Any.Do app incorporates several useful features that help a user to plan, and create to-do lists, reminders, notes and events. The tool helps in organizing events such as holidays, sharing lists such as shopping lists as well as providing other great functions that help keep life organized.

The app has the ability to sync between desktop and mobile devices, so that, you, your family, friends and everyone around you can access it from anywhere.

Pricing starts at FREE. Official website

8. Todoist

The Todoist app has a to-do list and task list and enables users to achieve amazing things through its beautiful and simple to-do list and task manager. The app has several capabilities and will help you to collaborate with your team, remind you of pending tasks and keep track of important projects.

The app works seamlessly across different platforms and several languages. You can add, complete, manage and re-schedule your tasks from anywhere and even when offline. This is possible from desktop, tablet, smart-watch, laptop, phone, e-mail, browser, and more.

Pricing stars at FREE. Official website

9. To-Do Calendar planners

The To-Do Calendar is an ultimate personal organizer with a powerful task-list with timers. It allows you to set your goals, add tasks to the goals, and set reminders for events and tasks. It also allows you to attach Google Maps locations to events and tasks, prioritize tasks, and sync data between different devices.

The To-do Calendar enables a user to time the tasks and synchronize the To-Do list with the Google tasks.

Pricing starts at FREE. Link to the app

10. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a good tool that allows one to plan and manage time effectively. It allows one to list and add details on the tasks to be accomplished and set the expected time for each. One can use Google calendar to set appointments and assign time-blocks to the tasks.

The calendar can be shared with team members, or clients as well as other apps. Looking at the Calendar will show your free time, and, if there is need to adjust, some tasks can be pushed forward to create time for others or add more time. Google calendar is available on the web and across all devices and therefore available from anywhere.

Pricing starts at FREE. Link to official website

11. Harvest

This is a popular time tracking app that has been around since 2006. Over time it has been updated to make it one of the best apps. It is has a well-designed interface, is easy to use, and has several integrations. The Harvest app gives you all the standard features of a time tracking tool and has detailed designs that make it enjoyable to use.

It is great for teams, freelancers, and professionals. It has a great reports presentation, as well as several export options. In teams or groups, each individual user tracks their time in their own way through any of the available options that include mobile, web, and desktop apps.

The app is great for both individual or team projects and a user can start or stop the timer from anywhere.

Pricing starts at $12.99 with free 30 day trial. Official website

12. OfficeMA Timesheet

This app is suitable for service-based businesses, freelancers, software development companies, call centers, small businesses, digital marketing firms, construction firms, and facility management firms. This web-based app has a free trial or a subscription-based option.

The time management app is a fast, easy and secure web-based time tracking service with a quick and easy sign-up process. It does not require any installation, complex configurations, or set-ups. The OfficeMA Timesheet will help you save time by allowing you to track your timesheets, as well as those of your staff, in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.

Starting at FREE. Link to Google Play

13. Online Timer

This has a countdown time for the desktop and you set the time that you want to spend on a project and it starts nudging you once the time is over. It runs in the background of your computer while allowing you to track all your time.

14. Timr

Timr is a mobile and web-based app suitable for small and medium businesses, IT companies and craft enterprises. It is an easy to use app that has a free or paid subscription option. The comprehensive time-tracking tool easily adapts to business or individual needs.

Timr is capable of easily, and instantaneously tracking time spent on work and projects from anywhere. It tracks the time as you work and you do not have to waste time tracking your time after you have finished your tasks.

Pricing starts at 8 with free 30 day trial. Official website

15. Focus@will

The apps understand your weakness, as far as concentration is concerned, especially after a long workday. It combines music and neuroscience to make things cool and let you improve your productivity. This is ideal for people who want to concentrate when reading or working. It helps you not to daydream or get distracted when working.

Pricing starts at FREE for 100 minutes limited sessions, all features for $4 per month. Official website

16. Atracker

This is a personal time-tracker that will track everything you do the whole day. It has customizable options that can help you organize your day. In addition, it has clear reporting that shows you how you have been spending your time.

Pricing starts at FREE. Full version available for $4.99. Official website

17. Timely

The app is slightly different from the others in that it combines time-tracking and scheduling. If you use the calendar app in Google Calendar to block out different times of the day which you have to work on certain projects, then you can open up the time tracker, pick the project you are about to start working on and then start the timer.

The scheduler works as the timer and once you plan your days in the calendar, you are able to log the time simultaneously. It allows you to move time blocks around and as the timers run for each of the blocks, you are able to see time you have logged compared to what you had planned to spend.

The app integrates well with other calendars and can import all your planned events and meetings automatically. The reports are beautiful, have filtering options, and have the ability to export to PDF or Excel.

Pricing starts at FREE. Official website

18. Paymo

Paymo helps small business owners to track multiple employees and the time spent on projects. It is an easy to use app that is perfect for businesses as well as individuals. Paymo can be set-up to track tasks, projects and clients. The app has an invoicing feature, detailed reporting, and light dashboard graphs. It is suitable for both freelancers and large companies for time-tracking, project management and billing.

Pricing starts at $4.95 with free 15-day trial. Official website


IFTTT (If This Then That) is a powerful app that gives one control over logical actions. The app uses a logical statement which lets you create powerful connections, referred to as recipes, between web services and other products that people use every day.

There are some ready-made recipes, however, users may combine triggers and actions and then mix them to make preferred Recipes.

The free service allows one to trigger automatic actions based on certain conditions. Once the condition in the recipe is met, an action will be triggered, i.e. mute the smartphone and turn it to vibration mode when the user is in the office.

Other typical examples include having Facebook trigger a download, an email to trigger a tweet, or turning on and off devices such as bulbs when you arrive and leave your home.

The To Do List connects the location to reminders and if you have a To Do List customized with specific areas, the app will show you this list whenever you enter or leave a certain area.

Pricing starts at FREE. Official website

20. Timeneye

Timeneye is web-based or mobile app that easily tracks time on the web while on the go. It allows one to spend more time doing useful things and is suitable for project managers and freelancers.

This simple and intelligent time-tracking app is very easy-to-use and helps in boosting group or personal productivity.

Pricing starts at FREE. Official website

21. Evernote

This is a free note-making app with strong search capabilities and great organization features. It synchronizes all of your files from all platforms and stores them on the cloud so that you are able to access, edit, and save from anywhere from any device.

Pricing starts at FREE. Official website

22. Pushbullet

This App lets you save time by easily pushing links and files between devices. It works with over a half a dozen devices and makes sharing easy regardless of the type of device one is using. For example, it notifies you on the computer about an incoming call, even before the phone rings.

The app works with popular SMS apps and will let you send and receive SMS messages from the computer, as well as reply to messages from most of the social media apps, such as Facebook messenger and WhatsApp.

Pushbullet keeps you informed by mirroring all of your notifications to your computer, hence, alerting you whenever there is a phone call or notification.

Pricing starts at FREE. Pro version will cost $4.99 per month. Official website


Technology has made our lives easier in the way we do things, however, it comes with a set of distractions. Users must learn how to handle the ever increasing alerts, emails, social media notifications and other online and offline activities that may lead to wasting precious time.

To avoid time wasting and become more productive, it is important for one to plan well, manage ones time, change working habits and remain focused on the important tasks at hand. Using a suitable time management app, a user can review their performance and adjust accordingly.