The latest LG flagship smartphone, released on October 1st , not only heads the list of the top 10 LG smartphones, but also seeks to challenge the place of the popular Samsung Galaxy S6 and other flagship smartphones. The LG V10 offers a combination of high performance and video recording capabilities rarely seen in other smartphones currently on the market. The V10 also seeks to surpass even the toughest cell phones in durability and screen protection.

The LG V10 appears to be ideal for video recording enthusiasts, as well for selfie lovers, because of its superior recording capabilities and its dual front camera setup. Among its most noticeable features, the V10 has a second screen on the upper right side, which can be programmed in a way similar to the lateral screen on the Galaxy S6 Edge, but unlike the S6 Edge, this screen seems to serve just as a notification screen to save battery, among other uses, such as having your favorite apps handy.

The V10 may be easily compared to the next best phone in terms of performance, and durability, with specs such as: 5.7 inch dual screen, 2560 x 1440 Quad HD display, a rear 16 MP camera, 4K and 5MP dual front cameras, 1.8 GHz, 4 core Snapdragon 808 processor, 4GB RAM, and three microphones for Hi-Fi stereo sound recording. It has an excellent battery life, despite its dual screen and processor, thanks to its 3000 mAh battery.

However, the LG V10 stands out for its superb video recording capabilities, which are backed by a potent video editing software, image stabilization, stereo audio recording, and 4K UHD capability.

With many smartphones competing for first place in the smartphone market, the LG V10 claims its place by standing out as far as performance goes, however, there are three main features that stand out among smartphones of the same class.

Video Features

Besides being capable of recording 4K UHD videos under low light conditions, and achieving good quality sound, the V10 also allows you to adjust and manipulate its various recording settings as you record in manual mode. This means that you can control the filters, brightness, and contrast while you record. For those with shaky hands, the V10 has an excellent image stabilizer that allows worry-free, steady recording. In addition to these cool features, the V10 also includes built-in video editing software that eliminates the need for a computer when doing simple edits.


The LG V10 camera allows for better and more detailed photos, even during low light situations, thanks to its 16 MP resolution, and its F/1.8 aperture lens. For those who love taking selfies, but dont wish to carry a selfie stick around, the dual 5 MP front cameras does the trick. The two cameras in the front combine to allow you to take wide angle pictures thus eliminating the need for selfie sticks and letting your friends come into in the frame.


The third standout feature or set of features is the design. Added to its 5.7 Quad 2560 x 1440, there is a smaller screen that similarly to the Galaxy S6 Edge, permits you to view notifications and shortcuts to your favorite apps while you use your phone. The display is protected by two layers of glass, and the body is made of stainless steel with a silicone lining for added protection and to avoid cracks. According to LG, the phone complies with military standards, certified in drop tests.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the LG V10 is the best smartphone in the LG lineup because it has the most internal memory capacity, superior video recording capabilities, high definition stereo sound recording, and a sturdy but stylish design. The V10 could easily impress the adventurous thrill seekers since its durability and video quality paired with real time video adjusting and editing allow for the V10 to go places, even low light ones.

As impressive as its basic features are, what makes the LG V10 stand out is its video recording system.

After a thorough analysis of the overall performance and features of the LG V10, we can safely say that the V10 goes beyond just a decent smartphone. It is a decent smartphone with an impressive camera. It almost makes you want to film a Bear Grylls style video while strolling through the woods.