Although the new features in iPhone 7 such as wireless air pods were welcomed, the users were expecting this phone to be more dynamic and advanced.

The release date of the iPhone 8 is less than a year from now, which begs the question whether you should buy the iPhone 7 now or wait for the iPhone 8 to come out. In order to help you to make a better decision, here is a comparison between the specifications of the iPhone 7 and that features that the iPhone 8 is rumored to have.

 Better Screen

Reports about the iPhone 8 having an AMOLED display has been making enough rounds to be considered seriously. It is high time for Apple to move on from their marvelous LCD display to an OLED one. A brighter display would mean that the manufacturers need to come up with a new size for the iPhone 8 as well. You can also expect a dual-edge curved screen, if rumors are to be believed. If you plan to upgrade, it is better to wait for the AMOLED display than select the LCD display of the iPhone 7.

 3D Camera

Apple is planning to take a step further into advanced camera technology with its 3D rear camera in the iPhone 8 at least, that is what the rumors are currently saying. The rear camera in iPhone 7 is 12-megapixels, while the front camera is 7-megapixels. So wait for the upgrade if you prefer doing some high-quality photography with your phone but the iPhone 7s camera is still fantastic for most people.

 Wireless Charging

Numerous hints and rumors point to the usage of wireless charging technology in the iPhone 8. The headphone jack was removed in the iPhone 7, and with the iPhone 8, we might be moving on to wireless charging. The Apple team has been working on it and if they are able to perfect the technique, you might as well may see this technology put to use in the iPhone 8.

The Apple W1 wireless chip used in air pods is the first of its kind, and it may support wireless charging. This will resolve the most talked about issue that many people face with the iPhone 7: how to listen to music while charging iPhone7?

 Better Body

Apple has been using aluminum for their iPhones for quite some time now which Ford and the auto world now know works very well! Rumors suggest that Apple might start using ceramic, which is used in the Apple watch, as a building material for their iPhones too. While the iPhone 7 is just water resistant, iPhone 8 is rumored to be waterproof. Wow, now you can be Aquaman and still use your phone!

There are even talks of more powerful processors being used in the iPhone 8, while iPhone 7 comes equipped with A10 chipset and 2.34 GHz quad-core processor. Overall, the iPhone 8 does seem to have better specifications as compared to the iPhone 7, however, it is only going to be released in the Fall of 2017.

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