Gaming can be a highly entertaining experience. Competing with random strangers or close buddies on the Internet and crushing them is as good as it gets. Sometimes you get burned. Either way, you leave the game feeling relaxed and entertained. To attain this kind of experience, you need more than a great Internet connection. You need a computer with a high processor speed, high memory, and awesome graphics. These will certainly improve your resolution.

But what is a good resolution without accompanying good sound? When gaming, you want to be totally immersed in the experience. You want to feel like you are the avatar in World of Warcraft. You want to feel like you are physically slaying monsters and attacking players of the opposite factions. To attain such an immersive experience, you need excellent acoustics. You need to communicate clearly with other players and in turn hear what they say clearly. How will they hear you trash talking if you dont have dependable sound? Poor sound quality can possibly make you lose.

Great acoustics can be achieved by a good set of specialized headphones. The number of headsets in the market is increasing every day. Manufacturers are trying to outdo each other with different styles, shapes, and sizes of headsets. The wide array available may make it difficult to select the best one. Below we discuss factors you should pay attention to when buying that pair of gaming headsets.

Factors to consider when buying

1. Comfort

If you enjoy gaming, then you are going to be wearing these headsets for hours. For this reason, you must select one that will provide you maximum comfort. Imagine using headsets for a day and then being unable to sleep because your ears are in pain. Or getting sores in your ears because of the headsets pinching you. You may not want to put them on again. You will waste money and time looking for a new pair. When shopping for headphones, try a pair on for at least ten minutes just to get the feel. As you try them on, you should assess the following factors:


Manufacturers use different materials for padding. Memory foam is the best material for padding. It is the material used to make your mattress. It will guarantee plushness to any headset. You might even forget that you are wearing them.

Ear cups

A headsets functionality greatly depends on the ear cups. The ear cups should be the right size, design and should have enough cushioning. They should cover the ears adequately. When they are smaller than the ears, you will hear other noises in the environment, which will affect your ability to concentrate fully on the game. Also, they should be lined with memory foam or other comfortable material so that they dont pinch your ears. But the padding shouldnt be too much that it affects the sound quality. The design should not interfere with its ability to relay sound adequately.


The headband should be easy to adjust. Lets face it&hellip, head sizes differ. What is loose on one head will be tight on the other. If the band is non-adjustable, how can it be adjusted if needed to be loosened or press down tightly? If you prefer a non-adjustable headpiece, pick one which has an elastic band that can stretch to accommodate your head size. It should also be wide enough not to make impressions on your head and face. If it is too skinny, it may dig into your head and exert pressure. A padded headband will provide extra comfort.


Imagine putting on a headset that feels like a tone of weight on your head. You will not enjoy the game. When you try to turn your head to get a better view, your head will feel heavy. Now picture another scenario, a headset that is too light, it keeps sliding off when you turn. When you are playing, you are going to move around a lot. You will jump when you are excited, you will crane your neck for a better view, and you will tilt your head forward when you are disappointed. Therefore, the weight of your headsets should strike a balance between comfort and not sliding off. The ideal weight differs depending on the individual. Therefore, ensure you try headsets on to see if you can accommodate their weight.

2. Microphone

players usually have crappy microphones. You never hear what they are saying. This player should not be you. The quality of sound that your microphone produces depends on its design and its ability to cancel noise.

Noise Cancellation

Have you ever tried to listen to what an opponent was saying and all you can hear is screams and laughter from the background? The problem is their microphone. Noise cancellation is a feature that allows the microphone to pick only your voice and transmit this only. A good microphone has two ports, a front one and a back one. The front port is facing you. It will pick only your voice and transmit it to the diaphragm fast. The transmission will cause increased movement of the diaphragm, which will be transmitted as sound. The back-port faces away from you. It is the one that will pick other noises. It will be transmitted to the diaphragm at the same frequency as your voice. However, it will cause less pressure on the diaphragm and less movement. The microphone cancels noise from other angles by allowing for roll off. Newer microphones use software to cancel background noise.

3. Open or closed

Closed headphones are those whose outer part of the cup have been closed off with hard encasing. They are the most popular type on the market. Open headphones, on the other hand, have the outer part of the cup left open. The difference in the sound emitted these two kinds of headsets can be significant. Closed headsets direct all the sound to your ear. Therefore, the sound appears to be louder. Open headsets direct sound both inside your ear and to the environment. The downside of open headsets is that everyone hears what you can hear. The sound may be a nuisance to some people. On the other hand, if there is someone who wants to participate in the game or at least watch as you play, they can follow better since they can hear everything. Open headsets also have the advantage of emitting a more open sound. Instead of the sound appearing as it is in your head, it appears like it is coming from the surrounding. Unfortunately, sound from the surrounding is going to mix with the sounds from your game, which can be very distracting. This can even improve the overall gaming experience.

4. Sound quality


Bass is the lower frequency tones of sound. Bass usually affects the overall harmony of the sound. You would not want to hear your game characters squeaking, right? Also, it gives you a more immersive experience. You can almost feel the vibrations when your headset has deep bass. However, the bass should not be too much so as to overpower the whole system.

Surround sound

The effect produced when your PC is attached to you home theater system is what headsets with great surround system offer. They provide an illusion of sound coming from all around the room and not just from the front. This effect is essential in making you get absorbed into the game. The problem with attaching a PC to a home theater system is you tend to annoy others with the loud volume. You dont want to be the annoying neighbor or roommate, do you? Getting yourself a headset with a superior surround system will give you the same effect and prevent you from causing disturbance to those living with you.


Sound-stage is perhaps the most importantly sound quality that you should look for when buying gaming headsets. Sound-stage makes it seem that sounds are coming from many directions and not just from one place. Headsets that have this feature give their owner an extra advantage. The gamer can know when the enemy is coming and where they are coming from. Before the enemy becomes visible on the screen, the user can decide how to attack or defend themselves. The sound stage should be wide enough to allow you to pick out voices, vocals, and instruments. How will the headset perform this function will depend on its chambers and reverberations. These are complex details that only the manufacturer can design. In simple words, when you are testing headsets, seek to find a 3D sound experience.

Noise Isolation

You could be gaming in an environment with plenty of annoying noises. Maybe your roommate is also gaming, and you do not want to hear their noise. Noise isolation would be the feature to look out for in headsets. If you have headsets that cancel noise, you will not hear a lot that is going on in the background. This will improve the quality of sound that you hear. Noise isolation should be enough to muffle background noises, but not to cut it out completely. You would want to know if there is an emergency, wouldnt you?

5. Wireless or wired

Wired or wireless? Which way to go? Wireless game headsets do not connect to your gaming console by use of wires as the wired ones do. Instead, they use radio frequencies, infrared or Bluetooth to connect to this device. Their system of connections depends on the particular brand. They are great because they allow you to move about without having to take the headsets off. Lets say you want to grab a quick snack from your fridge&hellip, no problem, you just stand up and go with your headset on. You will not have to miss a single moment since you can still hear the audio. Wireless headsets do not come cheap&hellip, they are quite pricey. Their connections can fail due to interference or signal dropouts. Also, wireless headsets use batteries. If you are not keen the batteries could die mid game. The sound quality they produce is compromised since they convert digital signals to analog signals within them.

Apart from the great sound surround, everything else that involves sound is compromised. Some wireless headsets present with delays of a few seconds. Since they do the conversion as well as transmission a lot of things have been crammed into a small space so they may be heavier than wireless. You hear the sound a few seconds later. In gaming, a few seconds can be the difference between winning and losing. Another disadvantage of these headsets is that they are not compatible with all devices. A Bluetooth headset will only work with a gaming console that has Bluetooth connection. If you choose to select wireless, a high-quality expensive one would be the way to go as it will infer minimal disadvantages.

Wired headsets connect to the gaming console via wires. They are the most popular. They have been used for a long time, therefore their quality is consistent. Also, since they have been around for long, they are compatible with pretty much any device. Most wired game headsets in the market are therefore of high quality. They give better sound quality than the wireless type. Their superior sound quality can be attributed to their use of the analog signals. They only reproduce, the conversion of digital to analog is done by the source of the sound. Because their work is simply to reproduce, they are fitted with drivers that can reproduce the sound with accuracy. They are also quite affordable for most people. Also, they are not charged separately, so there is no danger of power dying while you are playing. In addition, their connection does not fail unless the whole headset is spoilt. The disadvantage of the wired headset is that you cannot move around with them. If you want to leave the game for a few minutes you must take them off. The choice between wireless and wired will depend on what aspects you prioritize. If you prefer better sound quality, wired is the way to go. If you want ease of movement, wireless would be a better choice.

6. Ease of use

Headsets should be easy to use. You would not want to spend the whole day fixing a headset instead of playing a really interesting game. A few features can make your headset especially easy to install and use. Look out for the following features:


The headsets must be easy to control. If you want to change specific settings when playing, you should be able to easy access them and change .You should be able to reduce and increase volume as fast as possible. Control buttons located on the wire between the ear cups and the jacks make the headsets very easy to manipulate to your preference.

If such control buttons cannot be found, look out for programmable buttons. These will help you when you need to adjust your headsets midgame.


Most headsets have a 3.5-millimeter jack, which fits well in most computers and gaming consoles. However, your device may have different specifications. It may not be compatible with the 3.5-millimeter jack. Make sure you know the head specifications for your device before buying that headset. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of money buying an incompatible headset. If you do not know the head specifications of your device, you can purchase a headset with the additional option for connection such as USB cables.


The headset should be easy to charge otherwise, it will not be useful. This is very important for wireless headsets. Some wireless headsets come with batteries that need to be replaced when they run out. Replacing batteries can be a nuisance. If you must buy these, select the headset that uses batteries that are stocked in almost all stores. A simpler alternative would be to get the one which can be charged. Wired headsets charge when attached to the computer so these should be quite easy to use.


Some headsets are only compatible with particular operating systems. Some can be used when playing via a specific platform only. For example, there are headsets that work with Windows PCs and other that work with Playstation2. Others work well with various platforms. It is advisable that you buy headsets that are specific to the platform that your game is on. This way you can get maximum benefit from the headset. If you cannot get these, go for those that work on a variety of platforms. Should you want to change the platform you are playing on, the multi-platform headset will serve you just fine.

7. Durability

Quality gaming headsets are not cheap. You are going to use them a lot. If they are not long-lasting, and they will wear out fast. You will waste money replacing them often. Common problems that headbands encounter are: breakage when you rotate the band, ear pads coming off or failure of the microphone. These can be quite distressing. They should serve you for a while before you have to change them. The following features will tell you how durable the headset is:

Does it come with spare parts?

Manufacturers of good quality headsets will have spare parts accessible if you need to replace something. These include replaceable cables.


Does the headset look sturdy? Is the casing on ear cups hard enough? Is the band likely to get cut when you stretch it out? These are factors that you can determine just by observing the headset well. Do not get caught up in the moment when shopping, examine what you are buying well.

Length of the cable

Another indicator of durability is the cables length. If it is too short, you will tag it frequently and it will get cut in no time. Therefore, select one with a long cable. Apart from durability, the long cable will allow you to twist and turn as you wish.


Good quality headsets will always come with a warranty. If a manufacturer offers a long warranty period, that is a sure sign that they believe their product is good enough and will last long enough.

Headband rotation

Low-quality headbands will break when you try to rotate their bands. Durable ones can rotate at three hundred and sixty degrees multiple times with no damage occurring to them. You can attempt to rotate the band of the headset you are thinking of buying&hellip, that is if the sales personnel will let you.

8. Price

Some headsets are very expensive, especially those that are branded. Others are to cheap. When selecting, remember to stay within your budget. However, this does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality. Getting the best quality available within your budget should be your aim.


Headsets are a great accessory for any gamer. They bring the sound right to your ear and enable you to communicate with other players. This makes the game very interesting, entertaining and relaxing. If you select the right pair of headsets, the experience can be immersive and exciting at the same time.

There are very many brands out there and you could get confused as to which one is best for you. Qualities to look out for are: sound quality, comfort, ease of use, durability and price. Also, a good microphone will make the experience even better. Comfortable headsets have good padding material, preferably memory form, have elastic headbands and have cups that can fit your ear properly and are well lined. A good microphone often cancels sound. In sound quality good surround, sound staging, and a good bass are what you will be looking for. Also, if the headsets can isolate noise you would have a great deal. Durability factors to look at are the spares, the general construction of the headset, and the rotation of the band. Price should be within your budget. Whether you desire wireless or wired, open or closed, will depend on your preferences. With these guidelines, getting a good headset should now be easier.